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iOS 14: How to Disable the Shortcuts Notification When Opening Apps

Since iOS 14 came out, thousands of people have used Transparent App Icons to customize their Home Screen icons with Shortcuts. In previous versions, tapping on a Home Screen shortcut to open an app would quickly open the Shortcuts app first, which was frustrating for a lot of users.

In iOS 14.3, this drop into the Shortcuts app changed to show a notification instead, which though a lot better, is still quite annoying. Luckily, like iSenaCode and AllITalkIsTech have explained, there's a way to turn off this Shortcut notification on iOS 14.

Step By Step: How To Get Rid of the Shortcuts Notification Banner

Step 1

Create your Home Screen icons using Transparent App Icons and follow this guide to add custom Shortcut icons for your apps to your Home Screen.

Step 2

Make sure you're running iOS 14.3. The iOS version can be found in Settings under General > About. Next, open the Settings app and search for "Screen Time". On the Screen Time screen, tap "See All Activity", toggle Between "Week" and "Day" at least once, then scroll down to "Notifications."

Step 3

Under "Notifications" find "Shortcuts". Note: you must have recieved at least one Notification from Shortcuts in order for it to display here. If Shortcuts isn't tappable, make sure you've toggled between "Day" and "Week" at the top at least once. Tap on "Shortcuts", then turn off the switch for "Allow Notifications."

Step 4

Open the Shortcuts app, then tap on the "Automation" tab. Tap the "+" button in the upper right to add an Automation, then tap "Create Personal Automation." Scroll down to tap "App", tap "Choose", then select all the apps you want to open from Shortcuts on your home screen (you can select many apps).

Step 5

Tap "Next", then tap "Add Action". Search for "Zoom", then select "Set Zoom". Tap the "On" to turn it into "Off", then tap "Next" in the upper right.

Step 6

Turn the switch for "Ask Before Running" to off, then click "Done". (If you accidentally set Zoom to On, you can three-finger double-tap to zoom out again.)

Step 7

Tap the Shortcut from the Home Screen. No more notification! If you need help, let us know via email or Twitter.

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